Forever chasing light…. 

I am Serah Prince, your new photographer! Yes, it’s spelled with an E and pronounced “Sear-ah… likes Sears”. I just tell people they ran out of “A”s at the hospital.

In addition to capturing your family’s moments, I focus on creating family moments of my own. I am an adoring wife to the most wonderful “Prince” I have ever known -see what I did there? We have 3 amazing kids who drive me crazy most of the time. I am a friend who has never met a stranger and take pride in building lasting relationships with my clients.  We live in Prosper, Texas and I serve the DFW Metroplex including the rural areas surrounding Dallas. I specialize in family and children lifestyle photography and have a warm and airy style with a passion for natural light. As a former HR Director, I also can’t help myself but to additionally focus on helping people grow their business side including their professional images and branding. 

It is hard to tell when my photography journey began. It seems it has always been a part of my life. When I was a child I would take photographs in the park with my friends and wait weeks for film to be developed. Since I became a mother, I nearly always have a camera in my hand in an attempt to never miss a moment with my children. I managed a portrait studio for a big box store for several years and became familiar with the many other sides of photography. Before I knew it, I was booking my own sessions, getting repeat clients, and left my corporate position as the head of an HR department to focus on my dream. I created Magnolia Fire Photography, my very own photography business specializing in my love for natural light portrait photography.